Laurence Friche

Laurence Friche is an animal sculptor. The artist now living in Honfleur has therefore chosen a very eminent form of sculpture that has had admirable classic and contemporary creators captivated by this tribute to creatures and nature. For KBO, modeling also means seeing her work immortalized in bronze, hence her desire to privilege, among other things, superb textural effects that brilliantly complement her very unique way of creating in three dimensions. Her animalistic series is really astonishing: the meticulousness and realism of fur or feathers are complemented by confident postures and a surprising mastery of expression in portraits that are full of vitality and even humour. KBO proposes a significant breakthrough in the conception of animalier sculpture, bringing to it her personal definition that is comprised simultaneously of charm, tenderness, simplicity and, we are tempted to say, humanity. It is also worth keeping in mind her surprising giant chess set for dogs, where the traditional pieces are charming representations of the canine species bedecked with symbols pertaining to the game. It’s bold and delightful.

André RUELLAN, art critic

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